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Early Identification of Cognitive Disorders

Digital Neurology

Made with neurologists
Analysis of Cognitive Abilities


Made with neurologists
Cognitive Therapy and Monitoring


Made with neurologists
Onsite or Online Control

Hybrid Consultation

Made with neurologists
Diseases with memory loss

Therapy and Monitoring




Multiple Sclerosis





Long-Term Preventive and Therapeutic Condition Monitoring

PreDEM Neurological Platform

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Patient Catalog

Through the Platform, the medical professional can manage the data of patients appearing in their entire practice. The catalog systematizes access to Virtual Patient data and ensures efficient administration.

Practice trend watch

Medical Professionals can stay updated on their patients' conditions through the Platform. They can observe their patients' game results and, through trend analysis, track improving or declining conditions.

Evaluation and Condition monitoring

The Platform allows for the evaluation of performed cognitive games, clinical test-derived health parameters, and trend analysis. Condition monitoring enables the early recognition of cognitive dysfunction.


The specialist is able to send messages directly to the patient through the Platform regarding their condition or therapy. Editing and presenting patient education content

Digital Neurology and Telemedicine

Therapy and Monitoring

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Why PreDEM Platform?

PreDEM is a supervised platform capable of detecting cognitive disorders and abnormal behavioral patterns, where both medical professionals and patients are present simultaneously.

Both medical professionals and patients can monitor changes in condition along cognitive testing processes.

The neurological medical community gains a real picture of patients' cognitive states. Based on the results of performed neurocognitive games and tests, a digital behavioral footprint is created. By analyzing this, the specialist can prescribe further diagnostic or therapeutic treatment for the patient.

Digital Neurology and Telemedicine

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Hybrid examination and consultation processes

Digital neurology